The destruction caused by the climate crisis is disparately affecting the lives of people of color in our lower-income communities.

A mound of damaged oil drums along the Mississippi River near the Baton Rouge Refinery, December 1972

The effects of climate change run rampant, and the list only begins with the increase of rising water levels, as well as extreme weather events/deregulated weather cycles, such as increased…

“The incoming administration says they’ll work to completely repeal the project, but what does this mean?

A chart of public opinion towards the KeyStone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline, a topic that many might have not known about till recently. It’s currently making news headlines as Biden will “cancel Keystone XL pipeline permit on the first day in office.”

The Keystone XL Pipeline, proposed in 2005, is a project that spans from Texas all the…

Joseph Projectenv

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